Frequently asked questions - Licenses
Why is image licensing important?
Creative content is protected by international copyright law. Therefore, the rights of the image owner, as well as the rights of the models and properties appearing in the images are protected. Whenever buying an image image from our website, you actually buy a license to use the image, and this license describes how the image can or cannot be used.

What licensing options do you offer?
All our images are royalty-free.

What does "Royalty Free" mean?
The term "royalty-free" does not mean that the images are free of charge. The word "free" in this context means that the buyer does not need to pay royalties each time he uses an image. In simple words, after paying a one-time fee, the buyer is allowed to use the image multiple times with no time limit.

What are prohibited uses of a royalty-free image?
Each royalty-free License Agreement has a detailed a list of permitted and prohibited image uses. Some common prohibited uses are: transferring or distributing the rights to an image, using an image in a downloadable format that is intended for multiple distribution, and using an image in any way that could be considered defamatory, pornographic, libelous, immoral, obscene, fraudulent or illegal. We highly encourage you to research the terms of the license agreement to make sure that these include the rights that you desire for your project.

Where can I find the license agreement of the image that I am about to purchase?
We are a stock photography distributor, and we distribute images from tens of stock photography publishers. For your convenience, you can access the license agreements that are relevant to your purchase, directly from your shopping cart by clicking on the "License Agreement" links.

What is a Comp image and how can I use it?
A common mistake is to think that the word comp in this context means complimentary. A comp image is an image that can be used for comprehensive layout or composition layout purposes. Our comp images are watermarked and you can download them for free. Comp images cannot be used in your final product.

What is an Extended License?
A term used by stock photo agencies to allow images to be used in more applications than normally allowed by the regular End User License Agreement. Usually you will need an extended license to resell a derivative product of an image such as a framed print, a web site template, a T-shirt, etc'. Extended licenses cost more than standard royalty free licenses.

What is a Rights Managed (RM) Licence?
Rights managed images strictly control how you can use an image. Before you get a quote for a rights-managed license you will have to describe the exact usage of the image. How (ad, brochure..) where (magazine, billboard...) for how long and in what territory. Any additional usage or any changes on the agreed upon usage has to be reported and may require a new license. The main benefit from purchasing a rights-managed license is the ability to purchase exclusive rights to use an image.