All stock photos displayed on this site can be licensed for usage with a fee. None of the images displayed on this site are free of charge.

This is only a short description of the stock photo license issue. When you purchase a license to use an image you will need to approve the full and binding license. This is integrated in the purchasing process, which you initiate by clicking the “buy” button adjacent to an image. To view license agreements of the various image publishers, click here.

A royalty-free stock photo license basically enables the buyer to use the image perpetually and to use it for a wide range of advertising design and editorial uses. This is the reason why it is called royalty free. This is in contrast to right-managed (RM) stock photo, which requires that the use will be negotiated before purchasing and the usage time is limited.

Once we receive the payment, the buyer is free to use the image for various uses, other than those uses specifically prohibited under the License Agreement of the various publishers. Some restriction for use includes:

There are no restrictions on the time of use or the number of times a stock photo can be reused. Royalty-free image licenses are assigned to the buyer, and may not be transferred or assigned to anyone else.

For further details, please see the Royalty-Free Image license agreement of the various stock photography publishers that we represent, or call us +9723-9015555 during working hours of the GMT+1 time zone.

Click here to download a PDF fast explaining the stock photo basic license.